We Keep Our Equipment Up to Date and According to National Standards

"Many types of tools and equipment can be used to successfully clean an HVAC unit. Some companies use truck-mounted equipment and others use portable vaccuums. NADCA standards state that, when used properly, both types of equipment can get the job done correctly."
‚Äč – National Air Duct Cleaning Association

Our Services We Offer (But Not Limited To) Are:

Air Duct Cleaning

Our cleaning allows us to reach/make contact with every part of the system! From the highest point of every supply vent in the home all the way down the lines to the mains that branch directly off the furnace. We are able to send a four motor HEPA vacuum with forced negative air through every supply line, return opening and any accessible mains. Followed by a rotary brush system that goes through and kicks/scraps up and debris. Once we have completed the first round of sucking everything out and then brushing up any debris, we then send the vacuum back through the entire system again to remove and dust, debris, or any contaminants at all in the system. Now from the highest point of every vent in your home, to all the returns all the way down the lines, through the mains and to the HVAC system everything is clean. GUARANTEED.


Blower Motor Cleaning

Our blower motor cleanings are unlike almost any other company. This is one of the most beneficial cleanings or up keep you can do for your system to increase efficiency, lower power bills, and help prolong the life of your entire HVAC system. Therefore we more thoroughly clean them than almost any other company. We remove the entire component from the area it is held in. We then carefully pull apart each component of the blower motor, the motor itself, the squirrel cage, and the fan blades… all of it! By doing this it allows each one of our thoroughly trained technicians to clean every component of the blower motor. Once finished your motor will look and operate like it is almost brand new. GUARANTEED.


A/C Coil Cleaning

Many indoor air quality companies and HVAC companies will tell you this is one of the most important components of your system to properly maintain. Once we have gotten to the A/C coils, located in most cases right above your burners, we are able to clean them very thoroughly. We are able to remove any build up on or around the coils as well as actually clean any build up in the actual coils out. We use various solutions to eat away at the debris and destroy any build up in them at all before again brushing or vacuuming any remaining debris out. This will greatly increase the efficiency of your system as well as lower your energy costs, and in some cases help with asthma and allergies. The U.S. department of energy says that you can save 30% to 40% in energy costs by having your A/C coils cleaned regularly.


Condenser Cleaning

What is a condenser? Good question… The best way to explain it is that it is the big box looking thing outside your home with the big fan in it. It is one of the most integral parts of you’re A/C system and therefore it is very important to stay up to date on the maintenance of it. This should be regularly cleaned and maintained such as a furnace tune-up or something similar. We are able to remove the cover and grate guarding the condenser and then properly clean out the coils (looks like a radiator) and also any buildup on the inside of the unit. We use various solutions to clean the buildup out that is in the coils and seems almost impossible to get to for most homeowners. Most homeowners are not even aware that the condenser may be dirty with a quick glance. But none the less it is! And with using the right products such as we do and handled by a properly trained technician we are able to clean everything out of the condenser.


Dryer Vent Cleaning

The environmental protection agency or EPA recommends that you have your dryer vent cleaned at least once per year. This is not just the tube that may run from the back of your dryer to the wall. It is that tube and also the entire line that runs to the outside of the home. We are able to clean that entire run from the inside out and the outside in. We are sure to use only soft bristle brushes as to not tear the line. After running the vacuum through the entire line we then take the soft bristle brush and also run it the entire way through the line. Once those two processes are complete and everything is loosened on the inside of the line we then run the vacuum through again to collect any remaining debris. This ensures that your dryer is as energy efficient as possible and there for lower power bills.


Electrostatic Air Filters

These lifetime filters are furnished/custom fit to your system to ensure that you are getting the most out of your filter. Filters do everything from reducing dust, helping with asthma and allergies, to prolonging the life of your furnace, and protecting your HVAC system. Our filters come with a life time warranty on them. Meaning that if anything becomes defective on the filter we replace it at no charge. Once installing a life time filter with us you should not ever need to go to the store again for a filter or purchase another filter again. We have a wide variety of filters ranging from 84% efficiency to 94% efficiency making our filters some of the most efficient on the market today. GUARANTEED.



We use a hospital grade sanitizer to sanitize a customer’s HVAC system and ventilation system. This sanitizer is also a deodorizer. Of course doing your normal air duct cleaning will help immensely with the system and air quality in your home but if followed by our sanitizer treatment then you can be sure you have gotten rid of or killed just about anything in your system from bacteria, pollens, dander’s, virus’ and much more. We use a top of the line fogger which allows us to convert the solution into a very fine mist. We treat each supply line with the sanitizer by sending the fine mist down each individual supply line. Once that process is complete we turn your system on and apply the mist to each one of the returns in your home. By doing that with the system running it ensures that the solution is circulated throughout the entire system and every crack and corner in the system that is possible to hit will be. Once the returns are complete we then apply the solution to each possible main while the system is running as well. Once the mains have been sprayed/fogged you can be sure that the entire system has been treated with our special hospital grade sanitizer and the air you and your family are breathing is as healthy as possible. GUARANTEED.


Mold/Mildew/Fungus treatment/Sporicidin

We are able to treat any kind of mildew, fungus or even mold in your ventilation system. Believe it or not this is one of the most common places for things of that nature to grow in your home. We start first with your normal air duct cleaning procedure to get everything out of the system. Once a complete system cleaning has been completed for the air ducts, we are then able to apply a treatment of Sporicidin to the system the exact same way as the Envircon listed above is applied. Once the Sporicidin is applied we leave it standing for about 10 minutes to ensure all mildew, fungus or mold is killed. After all growths have been killed a treatment of envircon is also applied to ensure that any bacteria or virus’ the mildew, fungus or mold may have been harboring is killed completely. GUARANTEED.


UVC Light

A UVC light is an ultra violet light that kills any RNA or DNA of any living organism such as bacteria in your ventilation system. We install the light in a position where 100% of the air that goes through the system will have to pass the bulb. Many hospitals use this same type of system in patients rooms to make sure the air they are breathing is of the highest quality. This is by far one of the most effective ways to ensure that your family is breathing the best air possible.
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